Our Programs


We assist all community members to determine eligibility for the SNAP program and submitting applications through the Health-e-Arizona Plus website. We also provide support and guidance in providing verification to the Department of Economic Security for our clients.

We consider this our primary mission to the community to help people

 in the most dire of financial situations obtain food.


Programs such as QMB-Qualified Medicare Beneficiary, SLMB-Specified Low-Income Beneficiary, and QI- Qualified Individual. We help determine eligibility for these programs which may help cover the Medicare part B premium among man other benefits. 


Medicare Savings Programs apply to those who are eligible for Medicare Part A and B. These programs help cover Medicare premium(s), co-payments, and deductibles. We guide our clients through the application process and any further assistance they may need after the application is submitted. 

LIS (Limited Income Subsidy) provides extra help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs. We guide and aide Medicare beneficiaries in completing and submitting the application. Completing this application may help to pay for the monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and co-payments related to the Medicare prescription drug program.